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2 Visits for $15 for Stand-Up or Orbit Bed (First time customers) or 30 day unlimited any bed plus stand-up $50 ( new customers ) "no contract"

Have an Effortless Tanning Experience

" Suntans To Go in Sherman Oaks, California is ready to help you get the right tan you want. Our professional staff is available to assist you in selecting the ideal tanning method for the results you aim to achieve. We have stand-up tanning beds, spray tan booths, custom airbrush, and a large selection of lotions, with prices marked down to fit your budget.

Tips on How to Tan and Avoid Sunburns

The golden rule of tanning is to avoid getting a sunburn. We know important tips that will help you prevent your skin from getting burned.

Tanning is your body's natural defense mechanism against sunburn. Indoor tanners were able to activate this bodily reaction against burning, whereas non-tanners remain vulnerable when they have to go outdoors. Professional tanning facilities educate tanners on how to avoid sunburn, use sunscreen, and moisturize the skin.

In the war against sunburn, tanning salons provide the solution. Those who completely abstain from sun exposure are prone to sunburn when they go outdoors, even when they apply sunscreen. Indoor tanning is an excellent way to minimize the risk of contracting sunburn while maximizing the enjoyment and benefit of having a tan.

Truth About Getting Tanned

Moderate tanning is the smartest way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight.

Sunburns are hazardous to your skin. If you are a non-tanner, your resistance to sunburn is lesser than those who tan indoors. An estimated 30 million North Americans patronize indoor tanning facilities during the year. Millions of indoor tanners successfully develop "base tans" before embarking on sunny vacations. You can help prevent sunburn by getting a tan and by using sunscreen.

With your tan acting as a shield, the body will have an easier time repairing sun damage by itself.

Mystic Tan™ Sunless Tanning

With the help of Mystic Tan™, you can achieve that bronze look without the need to go under the lamp or sun. Mystic Tan™ can be used by anyone regardless of lifestyle and we invite you to try it.

Preparation For Your Sunless Spray Tan Session

The day before your tanning session you should shower, exfoliate, and shave. You should not use soap or oil based lotions. Make sure all products you use are water base, especially the exfoliant. When bathing, use shower gels and apply light non-oily moisturizer to prevent skin dryness.

What to Do on the Day of Session

Do not use deodorant or oil based lotions since these cause problems with the tan. It is preferable for you to wear loose dark clothing so that the tan does not stain your clothes. No clothing that has tight fitting elastic.

After Session Rituals You Should Follow

Avoid sweating and getting wet because these may mess up your tan. Wait for 16-24 hours after tanning before taking a bath. Your first shower should only be a gentle water rinse and you should not scrub the tanned portion of your body. However, don’t forget to scrub the palms of your hands after rinsing with water.

Maintaining Your Tan

  1. Soap can remove your tan so use shower gels instead.
  2. Moisturize with a lotion that has self-tanner to prolong your tan.
  3. To make your tan last, avoid getting your skin in contact with water as much as possible.

Procedure of the Tan

The Mystic Tan™ Booth is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type, and desired color. There are three tanning level options available to produce the optimal tanning results for anyone. We choose to use Norvell solution over Mystic because our customers love the raspberry almond scent.

Once the proper tanning level for a new customer has been determined, they are shown a short instructional video, which is designed to walk them through the entire process. This ensures that each customer receives the same instruction on how to get the best result.

Inside the Mystic Tan™, room the client simply disrobes and enters the booth. With the push of a button, the session begins with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched Sunless-Tanning Solution sprayed through our proprietary patented MagneTansm nozzles.

The MagneTansm technology ensures uniform coverage over the entire body, which the sunless tanning solution instantly transforms into a quick natural-looking tan that continues to darken throughout the day.

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